The Elliptical Machine Office Desk: Exercising While Working

Nov 15, 2011
Worried about your sedentary lifestyle? Then it may be time to incorporate innovative office desk.

The company Hammacher Schemmer has developed an Elliptical Machine Office Desk that makes sitting healthier. The adjustable desk that comes with semi-recumbent elliptical trainer helps you workout while sitting at the desk. The company claims that their health gadget is able to burn off up to 4000 excess calories in a typical workweek. All you need is to pedal at slow cadence which should not interfere with your work, but has well-known benefits.

The height of the desk can be easily adjusted at the press of a button and you can even work at this desk in standing position. The elliptical machine features padded seat that makes your feel comfortable. The performance monitor shows distance, watts, rpm and calories burned and can store the information for up to 30 people.