Equmen Smart Underwear to Help Men Stay Fit

Apr 16, 2010
If you are one of the men, who just cannot find time for regular fitness, the new range of clothes for men may become your next option for shaping your body and staying healthy.

Equmen, an Australian-based brand of men's underwear hit the markets around the world in 2009 and becomes extremely popular among athletes and regular men these days. Equmen shapewear for men includes a wide range of briefs, trunks, undershirts and even socks that have numerous health benefits. The smart clothes were inspired by high-performance fabrics which were seamless and highly elastic and are usually worn by sportsmen.

All underwear items were designed with Helix-mapping compression technology that is claimed to improve posture, support core muscles, ease back pain and tone your muscles. They also provide a perfect fit with seamless stitches and enhanced ventilation, supporting you in the right places.

Equmen Core Precision Undershirt line includes long sleeve tops, short-sleeved tops, tops and vests that helps to support and tone core muscles, promote circulation and keep you odor-free by regulating body temperature.

Men's range of Equmen Precision Underwear include briefs, trunks and long trunks that also incorporates latest technologies to make men's assets look bigger and provide optimal support. The undewear line goes with Precision-fit pouch that regulates body temperature, increasing men's comfort and watching over men's health. Besides, the hi-tech Equmen underwear applies pressure on men's gluteal fold, toning his thighs and buttocks for an ideal appearance.

Among the newly launched are Precision Socks that provide additional support to legs, using therapeutic pressure that increases blood circulation, keeps feet odor-free and remove toxins.


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