Eyeglasses that Reduce Eye Strain

Jul 14, 2011
Most of us experience eye fatigue and strain, spending a lot of time in front of the computer. The Japanese Eyewear company JINS has released the two pairs of eyeglasses called J!NS PC and J!NS Moisture that ease common eye problems.

The J!NS PC was developed to block up to 55 percent of "blue light" from the computer display that often leads to eye fatigue.

The J!NS Moisture is another novel pair of eyeglasses that help your eyes retain moisture for up to 2 hours, fighting the common dry eye problem.

The manufacturers of the innovative glasses say that both glasses are effective at making your eyes feel more comfortable, reducing pain and fatigue associated with computer work.

The stylish and comfortable glasses are available in Japan, but let's hope we also will have a chance to wear them.