Fat in Hips is a Benefit

May 08, 2008
Fat accumulating around the hips may actually do some good to your health, as the latest research showed that it may protect against diabetes.

Researchers at Harvard Medical School in Boston discovered that subcutaneous fat in the hips and thighs areas may contribute to reduction of insulin levels and improvement of insulin sensitivity, which is important for regulation of blood sugar.

The experiments on mice showed that transplants of subcutaneous fat into the abdomen resulted in weight loss, decline in glucose and insulin levels.

Dr. Ronald Kahn, who conducted the study, said that he started a research to understand why fat in different parts of the body has different effect on the metabolism.

Previously studies showed that fat accumulating in the abdomen can actually indicate the risk of some health problems such as heart disease or diabetes. It seems that pear-shaped figure is rather a benefit as it makes a person less susceptible to these diseases.

Kahn and his colleagues are now working to develop a drug containing the substances in this type of fat that have a beneficial effect on health.