The Firm Stability Ball For New Moms

Oct 27, 2010
Many women wish they had a pre-pregnancy body after giving birth. The best ways to get back in shape for new moms is to exercise regularly and keep to a healthy diet. If you are breastfeeding you should avoid strenuous workouts, but there is one health tool that can be used by all postpartum women that is called a stability ball.

Stability ball like The Firm Stability Ball is an ideal option for new mothers, who want to get back in shape. One of the best things about the stability ball is that it considerably strengthens your core muscles, making the weakest part of your body, such as your abdomen, look flat and shapely. So even if you'd want to cheat, the ball won't let you, as you will need to involve your core muscles to maintain balance. Also, it is more convenient low impact option for new mothers as they can exercise at home.

The Firm Stability Ball not only makes you look fitter, but also feel better, improving your flexibility, stability and balance. While you are exercising with the stability ball, you have to engage your innermost core muscles to balance on the ball. Many mothers also deal with back problems from wearing a baby for a long time and the stability ball can relieve those.

There is a variety of ways to use stability ball to improve your muscles strength. The Firm Stability Ball comes with 30-minute training DVD that shows various exercises that can be used for stretching and strengthening. And you can simply sit on it while watching TV or having fun with your baby.