First Defense Nasal Screens Improve Breathing

Apr 05, 2011

Many people, who suffer from allergies, have difficult time going outdoors and breathing fresh air, especially if they have pollen allergy or hay fever.

Now, you can choose a better alternative to sitting at home or wearing a mask. First Defense Nasal Screens are nasal covers that were developed to protect you from any foreign airborne particles, such as allergens, dust, pollen, pollutants, contaminants, second hand smoke and carcinogens as well as airborne viruses and bacteria. These filters are made of 100 percent breathable non-latex, skin safe material that is 99 percent effective against airborne particles and droplets. The nasal screens are worn around the rim of the nostril with the help of specially designed adhesives.

First Defense Nasal Screens can be especially useful for people who work in mining, painting, farming, construction and other areas that expose them to various particles and dust as well as for allerfy sufferers.