Fisher-Price Cheer for Me Potty for Positive Potty Training

Dec 14, 2010
Potty training can be a difficult time for parents, especially as the child grows older and there is no sign of success. The proper reward and encouragement should help to deal with learning, however many children still resist all the parent's efforts in potty training.

The Fisher-Price Cheer for Me Potty offers an easier solution for potty training your child. The potty that looks like a real toilet helps the child use the potty just like mommy and daddy. When the toddler uses the potty, Cheer for Me Potty rewards the child with encouraging phrases and songs like "You did it!". It has all the grown-ups' elements of a toilet, such as a toilet paper holder and the handle that emits fun clicking sound when pushed down.

The bowl is designed with smooth surface that is easy to remove and clean up. And once your child is ready to go to the next stage, you can place it on a regular toilet seat where it stays in place with the help of built-in side handles. Now you child can do the business just like a grown-up!