Fitbit is Your All-in-One Tracker

May 21, 2010
If you are concerned about your activity level, disturbed sleep or the number of calories you burn daily, you can use a health gadget that tracks all the main functions that play a great role in keeping you fit.

Fitbit is a small-sized wireless device that can be worn on your clothes throughout the day and during the night to monitor a wide range of your activities and sleep to tell you the real facts about your health and fitness level. The tracking system calculates the amount of calories burnt and the number of daily movements, such as steps and miles. Besides, the Fitbit also monitors your sleep, telling you about the real duration of your sleep, taking into account the time it took you to fall asleep and the frequency of wake-ups throughout the night.

The tracker is very compact, measuring just 1,5 inches long and weighing no more than an ounce. It works using 3Dmotion sensor technology, which is often used in games, including Nintendo Wii. You simply need to clip the Fitbit to your clothes or on your wrist and make sure that the base station is at up to 50 feet distance and your data will be uploaded to the Fitbit website. On the website you can view all the data gathered throughout the day and night and share this information with your friends or simply analyze it to make some changes in your daily routine.

The tracking system analyzes the vast amount of your activities, including swimming, cycling, walking with your dog, having sex and even urinating, so you can be sure that everything is taken into account.