FitDesk Bike Keeps You Fit While Using Laptop and Gaming

Dec 17, 2010
Many of us spend a lot of time at the computer or watching TV, although we know the importance of exercising. Sitting at the desk all day long contributes to weight gain and other health problems. However, many people will say that they simply do not have time for exercising.

The FitDesk Space-Saving Semi-Recumbent X Bike is a fitness bike that helps you get fit, while you are using your computer. This stationary bike was designed so that you can exercise at the comfort of your home, and turns your sitting time into workout time. The unique pending design allows you to place your elbows for comfortable typing and gaming.

The FitDesk is not only a useful bike for gamers and laptop users, but is also quite compact, saving space in your house. The suspension strap increases comfort while you are using the bike and can be adjusted according to your preferences. In fact, all family members can use the FitDesk Bike to burn calories and become more active. The best part about this bike is that exercising will not be boring and you can surf the web, check e-mail and play video games and at the same time do something good for your health.