Fitface Hands Free Exercises for Youthful Skin

Feb 18, 2011
Want to stay away from those wrinkles, sagging skin and fine lines? Start exercising using your face muscles.

New technique that does not involve your hands is claimed to tone and repair your skin and increase collagen production.

According to cosmetic surgeons, the toned face muscles mean better looking skin. Based on a study by professor Stuart Warden at Indiana University that found that "exercises activate molecular pathway that increases collagen", these toning face exercises will provide a natural lift and can become fun and easier alternative to other invasive methods. During the exercises you do not need to touch or pull your skin, thus you avoid damaging the sensitive tissues on your face.

The book "Fitface: Hands Free Facial Toning Exercises" written by Charlotte Hamilton consists of two parts, including four programs with over 60 exercises with photos that show how to perform FitFace exercises. The first part is dedicated to facial exercises, their benefits, the way they work and other useful information, while the second one is a practical part.

The authors say that unlike expensive creams, injections and other procedures that offer only temporary fix, the FitFace exercises make you look younger for many years ahead.