Gaiam Balance Ball Chair to Make You Fitter at the Office

Sep 23, 2010
Many of us have to spend most of the time sitting at the desk in the office. And while it is known that prolonged inactivity is bad for your health, there is a way to turn your sedentary life into more active one.

Nowadays, stability balls become quite popular option to an office chair, as they claim to improve your posture and increase core muscles strength. According to the studies, switching your office desk for a stability ball will burn around 30 more calories a day, produce more muscle work and increase activity.  

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair is even better alternative to your regular chair, which combines the comfort of a chair and its workout benefits as a stability ball. It was developed by health and fitness specialists to build a healthy back, relieve back, legs and arms tension that result from prolonged sitting.

Basically, it's a stability ball that has a back and a base to relax when you need it or improve your activity level bouncing on it. The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair is smaller, ergonomic version of a stability ball that fits well into any office environment. The ball chair makes you sit up, improving your posture and strengthens your core muscles as you have to make some efforts to sit on it.

You can start by sitting an hour or two to get used to the feeling and then gradually increase the time of sitting on the ball chair. You can also remove the ball and use it for your workouts at home.