Gaiam Core Balance Kit for Core Training

Jul 28, 2010
Core exercises, which involve the deep core muscles, such as your abs, back and pelvis that are important for every fitness program.

Strengthening core muscles not only makes your abdomen look flat and toned, but also helps you do other workouts easier. There are many ways to improve core muscle strength, such as using specially designed health and fitness gadgets for this purpose.

Gaiam Core Balance Kit is designed to boost your core strength and agility. It includes four colorful balance pods and workout DVD that shows how you can use these balance discs for training. The pods can be arranged in many different ways for ever-changing workouts.

The instructional DVD is guided by fitness trainer Ashley Borden and demonstrates how to assemble the pods to tone your core, stability and posture. You can perform the usual workouts, such as squats, push-ups, bridge lifts with these balance pods. Due to its unsteady base, your core muscles will be involved and make exercises more effective.

Gaiam Core Balance Kit is suitable for newbies as well as experienced fitness lovers as it provides mild, no-impact workout. The balance pods are lightweight and compact so that you can take it anywhere while you are travelling or visiting your gym sessions. You can add them to your usual workout program and improve your core muscles quickly and effectively.