Genetic Test to Predict Cellulite Risk

Jun 14, 2010
For many women cellulite is a common problem that may appear even from the yearly twenties. There are different explanations to the causes of cellulite, but still it is easier to prevent the condition that deal with it.

Now, DermaGenoma Inc., a molecular dermatology company introduced a genetic test CelluliteDX  that helps women find out if they are at risk of developing moderate to severe cellulite. This allows women to make some changes in their lifestyle to prevent the severity of the cellulite.

Though, it is known that it is quite hard to turn around cellulite once it has appeared, there are certain measures to prevent cellulite from getting worse. For example, a woman may reconsider her choice of birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy if she knows that she is at increased risk of developing severe cellulite.

The genetic test checks for a variant of the angiotensin I-converting enzyme (ACE) gene that can predict 70 % risk of developing moderate to severe cellulite.

CelluliteDX Genetic Test kit is available through doctors, who collect genetic samples, which is then sent to DermaGenoma. The company also offers other genetic tests that diagnose different skin conditions such as HairDX, the test for male and female baldness risk, the HerpesDX genetic test to reveal the risk of developing frequent herpes outbreaks and others.