Getting Pregnant is Harder for Women with Certain Blood Type

Oct 25, 2010
Does our blood type make us more sensitive to certain health problems? It seems that women with the most common blood type should hurry up to get pregnant as they are more likely to have fertility problems as they age, a new study says.

The US study conducted by the researchers at Yale University and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine analyzed the blood type of 563 women aged under 45, who had fertility treatment. The researchers found that women with blood type O face greater risk of fertility problems with the age, having lower level of healthy eggs left with the time, than women with other blood types.

It is known that a woman is born with the millions of eggs that gradually drop as she ages up to a few hundred for women over 40.

During the study the researchers measured the level of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FHS), which says about woman has greater or lower ovarian reserve. The women with blood type O had higher levels of FHS, which indicates more problems conceiving with the age.

The experts believe that those with blood type O, who do not have the A antigen, have higher risk of fertility problems. However, they say that there are also other things that affect our fertility, such as weight, age and healthy or unhealthy habits.

Many specialists believe that our blood type influence out health, including the susceptibility to certain diseases and even suggest eating according to your blood type to effectively lose weight or avoid some health problems.

Scientists say that that further studies are needed to find if other hormones influence our ability to conceive too.