Getting Pregnant After Birth Control Pill

Feb 14, 2009
Many women are concerned about future pregnancy long before they choose birth control pills. Can birth control pills affect woman's fertility? And how long should you wait after you stop taking the pill?

Birth control pills were designed as quite effective methods to prevent unwanted pregnancy. The basic principle of birth control pills is to hinder ovulation. Pills contain a combination of synthetic hormones that prevents ovulation and fertilization. Nowadays there is a great variety of birth control pills to choose from.

Will taking the pill for a long time affect your fertility?

Birth control pills are effective and reversible method of contraception and they do not affect your fertility. You fertility should return to its normal state within three months after stopping the pill. In some cases, women may take a bit longer to conceive due to other factors.

First of all, women taking birth control pills often suffer from certain vitamin deficiencies as pills may influence the way body absorbs nutrients. Such vitamins as B6, B12, C and folic acid are essential for successful conception and lack of these vitamins may actually contribute to difficulties of getting pregnant.

Second, birth control pills may affect women's ability to produce cervical fluid, which plays an important role in conception, which explains why some women may need more time to regenerate their fertility.

When to come off the pill to get pregnant?

You may discontinue taking the birth control pill just when you decide to get pregnant. Finish your birth control pill packet and wait until your normal menstrual cycle returns. It is recommended to wait 2 or 3 months before conceiving. This is necessary to ensure your own hormonal system reestablished after you stopped taking the pill.

You can use barrier methods of contraception, like condoms during this period. Also use this time to improve your chances of getting pregnant by eating healthy food, exercising moderately and taking folic acid supplement. Stop smoking and avoid alcohol as it may negatively affect your fertility and your pregnancy.

How long it takes to get pregnant after the birth control pill?

Some women may get pregnant as soon as the day the stop taking the pill, while others may need a year to get pregnant. Your natural cycle differs from other women, so it's better to be patient and allow your body return to its normal state. Try not to force things up as stress over getting pregnant may actually lower your chances of getting pregnant.