Giantmicrobes Offer Cute Valentine's Day Microbe Gifts

Jan 21, 2011
What if someone gave you a Chlamydia on a Valentine's Day? This may sound disgusting, but not in case if it was just a cute plush toy.  

Giantmicrobes is a company that makes collectible educational toys that represents many types of microbes, such as the common cold virus, swine flu, herpes virus, ebola, brain cells, bed bugs and many others. The microbe toys are enlarged a million times actual size and look just like the real ones.

They are not just nice toys, but also serve as a great educational tool, as each of them comes with an image and useful information about the microbe it represents.

If the idea sounds amusing to you, you may give your beloved one a special gift. Giantmicrobes Heart Boxes include the collections of infectiously cute and romantic toys for Valentine's day. For those , who are in love, the Heart Warming Box has Kissing Disease, Sperm Cell, Egg Cell, Penicillin and an exclusive pink Amoeba mini plush toys.

Those, who just split from their boyfriend and girlfriend, may think about Heart Burned Box with Herpes, Chlamydia, Pox, HPV and Penicillin in it.

Of course, the giantmicrobes gifts are highly recommended for those with the sense of humor, as well as for teachers, parents, doctors and people of all ages.