GreenGoose Sensors Help You Live Healthier in a Form of a Game

Mar 02, 2011
We all know that it's easier said than done, when it comes to living healthier way of life. Sometimes, all that is needed is little encouragement. San-Francisco company GreenGoose developed a new lifestyle tracking platform for this purpose. The platform is aimed to help you set lifestyle goals, tracking your progress with wireless sensors.

The wireless sensors monitor your actions as you try to reach your goals. There are different sensors for different things that are attached to objects, like water bottle, toothbrush, vitamin container as well as exercise sensor. The sensors communicate with the base-station.

The points that you get while performing the daily activities that you have set turn these improvements into a game. Though currently the developers did not come up with the idea of the reward you get from receiving the points, they are currently working on it to improve the program.

The inventors of this health gadget say that it can be especially helpful for families as well as for health companies.