Gympact App Charges You for Skipping Workouts

Jan 20, 2012
What if you can't make yourself workout on a daily basis? There are many ways to motivate us being more active, but the new iPhone app has probably one of the most powerful ones. The system rewards you with money when your exercise and charges you when you don't.

The application GymPact was developed by Harvard graduates Yifan Zhang and Geoff Oberhofer and is based on idea that the fear of losing money can be the biggest motivation tool. The application uses the database of more than 40,000 gyms in the US and you can add yours is it's missing. The user chooses the frequency of workouts with minimum one workout per week for 30 minutes and the minimum amount of money to be charged in case the user missed the gym. You confirm your arrival at the gym by clicking on the button on the app, while GPS will track your location. You need to workout for at least 30 minutes, or it won't be counted as a workout.

If you don't hit the gym as often as you commited to do, the credit card automatically will fine you the amount you promised. If you stick to your fitness plan you will be rewarded with cash, which comes from those, who missed the gym.

Of course, there are situations, when you just cannot visit the gym, like when you have to work late or get sick. The GymPact system allows you to make adjustments, freeze or cancel the agreement until the end of the week and you will need a legitimate excuse, like medical certificate, confirming that you were sick.