Home Test to Tell if You Have a Boy or a Girl

Jun 12, 2009
Now expecting mothers will be able to tell if they are having a boy or a girl by using simple home test that predicts the gender of the baby as early as 10 weeks after conception.

The Intelligender Boy or Girl Gender Prediction Test was developed by the scientists of the IntelliGender, the Plano, Texas. The simple urine-test that responds to the combination of hormones released during pregnancy to reveal if a woman is expecting a boy or a girl. Just like most pregnancy tests, it uses morning urine, which turns green if you are having a boy or turns orange if you are having a girl.

Happy parents have an opportunity to know the gender of their baby beginning from the 10 week of pregnancy (six weeks after missed period). It takes about 10 minutes to know the results of the test.

The creators of the "Boy or Girl Gender Prediction Test" say that they developed the test because most parents are very curious to know if they are having a boy or a girl as early as possible. Usually, a pregnant woman has a chance to know the sex of the baby between 18 to 20 weeks with the help of ultrasound. The accuracy of the ultrasound results will depend on such factors as the position of the baby or the stage the pregnancy.

The test is said to be 78 to 80 percent accurate in prediction the sex of the baby. The company warns that a pregnant woman should also use other diagnostic tools such as ultrasound exam if her physician indicates to make sure the results are more accurate.

The gender prediction test is already being sold in 11 different countries, including the USA