Hormonal Injections May Become New Effective Male Birth Control Method

Oct 05, 2009
In spite of the fact that hormonal contraceptives were developed more than 40 years ago and are widely used by women for prevention of unwanted pregnancy, the same alternative is still not available for men.

The studies conducted by the Medical Research Council Reproductive Biology Unit showed that many men want to have other options of male birth control, including hormonal contraceptives besides the condoms and vasectomy. The surveys also suggest that women think that men should share the responsibility for birth control.

Richard Anderson, professor from Edinburgh University developed a new hormonal male birth control that is claimed to be more effective than condom. The hormonal injections that contain two hormones, progesterone and testosterone will be administered in the buttocks once in two months. This male birth control method works by reducing sperm count.

According to the researchers, the hormonal injections do not have serious side effects after a year of trial by the WHO. The injections are also completely reversible. Scientists say that further research is needed to make sure this male birth control option is safe and effective.