Hotpants that Burn Fat in Two Weeks

Sep 22, 2011
Few women can boast smooth, lump-free thighs and legs, and most of us try hard to look good at any season. The new Hotpants from Zaggora company have already become very popular, with 100,000 pairs being sold in 10 weeks.

Hotpants is a pair of fat-burning shorts that claim to make you slimmer in just two weeks. They were designed by designer Malcolm Bell after his wife Dessi Bell failed to find the right product to fight off cellulite and lose weight before her wedding. The two-week trial of Hotpants showed that women managed to lose weight of an average two jeans sizes (about 10-12lbs), wearing them for about 30 minutes every day.

The Hotpants use Celu-Lite technology that uses natural body heat to increase perspiration by up to 80 percent, reducing cellulite and burning fat. The woman can wear it at night or during daytime, on their own or under clothes, during regular activities and workout.

The shapewear costs £44.99 and is available here.