How To Keep Your Hair Healthy

Aug 10, 2010

While there are people who are genetically predisposed to lose their hair, for many others hair loss is caused by constant hair damage due to poor grooming. Shampooing too much, coloring, brushing and other habits can contribute to hair thinning and its breakage.

How to avoid the hair damage and preserve hair health? Specialists from the American Academy of Dermatology give the following recommendations:

1. Avoid scratching

Scratching your scalp, while having dandruff, may damage hair and lead to its thinning. If you have dandruff and often feel the urge to scratch your head, it is better to use specially developed dandruff shampoos and conditioners. Most of them contain zinc pyrithione, the ingredient that helps to stop the development of the fungus and reduces scratching associated with dandruff.

2. Change your hair style

If you have hair problems, such as brittle hair, it is easier to manage your hair if it's short. If you have long hair, consider changing your hair style to recover the general appearance of your hair. Short hair also looks thicker than long hair and may be more suitable if you deal wit hair loss.

3. Use weaker hair colors and bleaching

It is known that hair gets easily damaged by coloring and bleaching. If you are used to dye your hair, it is better to switch to weaker perming and coloring solutions and use hair color within your color group.. It is especially important to choose less damaging coloring solutions for older individuals as hair becomes thinner with age.

4. Brush your hair right

Avoid brushing your hair when it is wet, because it can stretch hair and lead to its breakage. Also keep brushing to minimum, brushing it only when hair is dry. Choose a brush with smooth, rounded, coarse teeth for easy brushing.

5. Keep hair accessories to minimum

Tight rubber bands, hair pins and clips can lead to hair breakage, especially when used in excess. If you deal with hair loss, it is better to avoid the use of too many hair accessories or choose smooth, rounded hair pins, fabric scrunchies and other less damaging solutions.

6. Keep to your natural style

If you already have problems with your hair, changing your hair style drastically, like straightening it or using permanent waving may not be a good solution for your hair. If you still decide to make waves or relaxing hair procedure, make sure to use weak solutions and apply to it less frequently

7. Let your hair air dry

Try to avoid extreme blow drying as heat makes your hair fragile and this lead to hair loss. Instead try to let your hair air dry and style it when it's mostly dry.