How to Conceive a Boy or a Girl

Jul 13, 2009
While many parents-to-be claim that the most important thing is to give birth to a healthy child, most of us still secretly give preference to a boy or a girl. Is it possible to select the gender of your baby and what are the chances of having a boy or a girl?

Gender selection: how it really happens?

A baby's gender is determined by the chromosome of man's sperm. A woman's egg has X chromosomes, while sperm contains Y or X chromosome. If an egg is fertilized by sperm with Y chromosome, the couple will have a baby boy, and if the baby will get XX chromosome, it will be a girl. Roughly speaking, the chances of conceiving a boy or a girl are 50/50.

Is it possible to select the gender of your baby?

Many scientists suggest various theories on how to predict the gender of your baby.  The most popular theories of gender selection are the Shettles method and the Whelan method.  Both methods are quite contradictory to each other, but are claimed to be highly effective by their authors.

How to conceive a boy

The Shettles method

According to the Shettles method developed by Dr. Landrum B. Shettles sperm containing Y chromosome is faster and weaker if compared to sperm containing X chromosome.  The scientist suggested several ways to create favorable environment for conceiving a boy:
  • Have sex closer to the time of ovulation. You can determine the time of ovulation using charting method, taking basal body temperature or using fertility tests. You can also rely on other signs of ovulation like mucus changes. For conceiving a boy, have the intercourse on a day, when the mucus consistence becomes thicker. The best time for baby boy will be the day of ovulation or no more than 12 hours before ovulation.

  • Also having sex on the day of ovulation is thought to create more alkaline environment for sperm, favoring baby boys.

  • To conceive a boy, it is recommended to abstain from sex around 4 days before ovulation or use barrier methods of birth control during this time.

  • Sex positions that involve deeper penetration like a man from behind is said to favor baby boys. It creates less acidic environment and gives sperm with male chromosomes better chances to reach the egg first.

  • Having an orgasm during sex is the best way to increase your chances for conceiving a baby boy, making the sperm with male chromosome reach the egg faster.

  • For a boy, it is recommended to avoid hot baths or wearing tight clothes, because these factors may cut the chances for survival of sperm with male chromosomes, which are weaker.

The Whelan method

  • According to the Whelan method created by Dr. Elizabeth Whelan, in order to conceive a boy, you should have sex 4 to 6 days before ovulation.

  • For a boy, also follow a diet rich in salt and potassium, including such foods as meat, nuts, fish, bread and cereals.

How to conceive a girl

The Shettles method

  • Have sex before the time of ovulation. The best chances to have a baby girl are to have the intercourse two to four days before the time of ovulation. According to the Shettles sperm with female chromosome is slower but more resistant.

  • Days prior to ovulation are also better for girl conception as it is believed to create more acidic environment, which is good for sperm with  female chromosome.

  • To conceive a girl, it is advised to have sex regularly from the end of your periods until 4-5 days before ovulation.

  • Having sex in the missionary position is claimed to be the best for baby girl conception. In this position, spem is closer to the opening of the vagina, which has more acidic environment for sperm with female chromosomes.

  • If you want a girl, a woman needs to avoid achieving orgasm, to make the environment favorable for girls.

The Whelan method

  • Whelan suggested having sex 2 to 3 days prior to ovulation.

  • According to the Whelan method, a girl diet includes such foods as dairy products, fruits, ice cream, chocolate and others.

It should be mentioned that both methods do not guarantee that you will have a baby of a desired gender. For couples, who have fertility problems, these methods might not be suitable as they can cut their chances for conception.