How to Prevent Cancer With Food

Feb 11, 2010
Diet is important in preventing most types of cancer, specialists say. Professor Attilio Giacosa and Professor Jaak Janssens, two cancer scientists say that the proper nutrition increases the defensive power of the body.

Professor Attilio Giacosa at the Department of Gastroenterology at Policlinico di Monza in Italy claims that several studies show that the consumption of fruits and vegetables protects against many types of cancer, such as lung cancer, oral cancer, oesophagus cancer, stomach cancer, and colorectal cancer.

Some of the most beneficial foods that have anti-cancer effect are cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, garlic, oranges and others, scientists say. It is better to eat vegetables and fruits grown locally and in the right season.

William Li, the head of the Angiogenesis Foundation, also lists foods with heir cancer-fighting properties. These are soy, parsley, red grapes, blueberries, dark chocolate, garlic and tea. When these foods are eaten together, their anti-cancer effect is even greater.

It is also important how the food is prepared to boost the protecting qualities of the fruits and vegetables. Foods that are prepared by microwaving and steaming them help to preserve the beneficial substances. Using the sharp knife to lower the waste of essential nutrients is also important.

Specialists say that you can include a glass of red wine everyday, because wine contains polyphenols that have numerous health benefits. Red wine is one of the great sources of these healthy substances and is known to be healthier than white wine. But you need to keep the wine consumption in moderation in order to take the best of it.

Professor Janssens, President of the European Cancer Prevention Organization in Belgium also points out that diet is essential in preventing cancer. He mentioned that breast cancer often starts off at puberty and changing certain lifestyle habits such as one's diet will affect health and decrease breast cancer risk.

Cancer specialists say that cancer mortality can be also reduced if cancer is detected at early stages. Women should do regular breast cancer self-exams to seek immediate help in case of any abnormality. Nowadays, there are also a number of techniques to identify cancer as early as possible, such as mammogram, ultrasound and tissue acquisition.