How to Use a Condom and Not Spoil the Pleasure

Feb 12, 2010
While many men and women get ready for a romantic night on a Valentine's Day, safe sex is not always on their mind. However, unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases can just kill the passion afterwards.

Using the condom with a new partner or the one that you know long enough is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself from unpleasant surprises.

There are also some tricks that will make condom use more enjoyable and fun:
  1. Keep condoms handy. It is a good idea to have the condoms always available so that it won't ruin the mood at the right moment. You can keep some condoms beside the bed, where they are easy to reach. Also you may have some condoms in your wallet in case you plan a romantic evening outside the house.

  2. Choose from a variety of types of condoms. Nowadays, you can buy condoms of different colors, textures and flavors. You can find glow-in-the dark condoms for visual appeal or choose chocolate and banana flavored condoms for oral sex. Ribbed condoms with bumps and ribs can boost woman's pleasure or one's that prolong sexual bliss for both. If you want to increase sensitivity, use ultra thin condoms.

  3. Find the right size. If regular condoms feel a bit uncomfortable, you may need another size. Today you can choose from a variety of condoms that differ in sizes, including large, extra large or otherwise snugger types of condoms. You can try different brands of condoms to know which one fits you the best.

  4. Practice to put it on. If you feel that putting on a condom breaks the mood, try to put on a condom gracefully without interrupting the foreplay, whispering naughty word's into your partner's ears and stimulating him or her with your mouth while putting on a condom. If are too nervous to put on a condom, give your partner a try. You can also put on a condom with your mouth. Put the tip of the condom between your lips, unroll the condom a bit and carefully slide it with your mouth.

  5. Use Lubricants. Also most condoms are pre-lubricated, it won't be any harm if you add extra lubrication. Water-based lubricants do not harm condom's material and make sex more enjoyable for both partners. Be aware not to use oil-based lubricants because they can damage condoms.