iBaby Monitor Spins to Watch Over Your Baby's Movements

Mar 20, 2012
Baby's safety becomes of primary importance once your little one is born. That's way many new parents cannot imagine their life without such useful gadgets as baby monitors that allow you to hear and watch over your baby when you are around the house.

The iBaby is a new baby monitoring system that can transmit live video of a baby to your phone. Unlike many stationary baby monitors, iBaby camera that is connected to your iPod, iPad and iPhone rotates, following your baby up and down, left and right. Using your iOS device you can adjust the camera eye to see your baby whenever you need it. Baby's crying and movements activate an alert to approach your little one immediately, while two-way audio gives you the opportunity to talk and sing to your baby.

The iBaby features infrared night vision to see and hear your baby during night sleep. Besides, up to four users with iOS devices can share this baby monitor, so that every member of your family can monitor the baby. Also you can use iBaby monitor to check up not only on your baby, but your pet or your elderly relative.