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The Biggest Benefit From Sports Comes From Good Parents

Aug 25, 2007

Sports represent a very important aspect of a child's development. A lot of parents try to motivate their children to take part in various sports, including baseball, basketball and soccer.

However it is quite difficult to walk the line that is between the wonderful sport and bitter self-improvement. This is especially hard when, for example, your son lost a baseball game because of a bad call from a referee or your daughter who missed her pop-fly.

One way or another, experts say that parents should not let their emotions take charge when their children can get the biggest benefit from sports.

If parents have an unhealthy attitude towards the performance of their children in sports this could lead to a negative impact on what should be considered both enjoyable and educational experience.

Daniel Gould, sports psychologist, who works as the director of the Michigan State University Institute for the Study of Youth Sports, outlined that parents might get quite nervous and tense than their children. This is no wonder because parents cannot control the activity of their kids on the field. One of the most important things that parents should be taken into consideration is that they have to remember the reason why they decided their children should participate in sports.

One of the recent studies performed by Gould and his team showed that coaches believe parents are the ones that play an important role in their kid's development, by providing not only emotional but logistical and financial support as well.

However, the study found that coaches consider about 36 percent of parents they deal with to badly influence the development of their children. Some of the most negative impacts are considered to be: overemphasize of winning, frequent and cruel criticism and inability to control emotions during a game.

Gould, who is also a professor of kinesiology, mentioned that due to the fact that the rate of obesity, among children and teenagers, critically grows, it is crucial that a child is involved and physical activity.

"This day and age, their kids might not be automatically interested in sports," outlined Gould, focusing on the fact that today video games and television are among children's most frequent entertainments.

In order to help children in becoming interested in sports, the professor recommends parents to begin playing with their kinds games that involve phisical activity, meaning dancing or wrestling.

Gould added that active parents are likely to have active children.

It is important for a child to participate in different kinds of organized sports, thus they can decide what is more appropriate to them.

John Heil, who works as a sports psychologist with Psychological Health Roanoke in Roanoke, Va., and who is also the chairman of sports medicine and science for U.S. Fencing, mentioned that when children are involved is sports, their parents should let coaches train their offsprings and withhold training kids themselves.

He outlined that it is very important that parents' advices do not differ from advices given by professional coaches. Thus it will eliminate tension. According to professionals, parents should praise the efforts of their children and motivate them to respect other players.

Although the promotion of a competitive spirit is important, sometimes it can get quite tricky. For example if a parent focuses too much on winning, the offspring could end up learning the wrong lessons or even lose his or her interest.

It is crucial for a parent to be able to resist the urge to criticize the child."I've heard many kids say, 'The game wasn't so bad, but the hour-long lecture on the ride home was brutal,'" outlined Gould.

John Heil mentioned that he mainly pays attention on open-ended questions, such as: 'How do you feel things went today?' 'Did you enjoy it?' Thus he allows the child to express his feeling and simply talk. When you listen to a child, he added, you might learn a lot about the likes and dislikes of kids.

It is also important to ask your significant other to watch you. Thus if he or she sees you getting tense he or she can warn you.