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Healthy Tips for Healthy Sleep

Oct 09, 2007
Many of us know the feeling of being exhausted after awakening, however not all of us realize that the amount and quantity of the sleep may be the cause of serious health problems. If you suffer from insomnia, feel jaded in the morning and cannot function well during the day, you may need to think over your sleeping habits.

What is a healthy sleep?

How much sleep do you need? Is it too much to sleep more than 8 hours? Probably the right answers to healthy sleep would be your physical and mental state in the morning. If you wake up refreshed, don't feel sleepy during daytime, work and communicate well enough – you can say that you had enough sleep.

Some people sacrificing their sleep for work or entertainment may sooner or later cause harm to their mental and physical health. It is important to understand that our body and mind needs rest and not think of sleep as a waste of time because during sleeping hours your organism restores itself.

Tips for healthy sleep

  • Adjust your body to room temperature

    It is essential to make sure you won't get overheated or cold during sleep. If it is a hot time in summer, the best thing would be to sleep naked and cover yourself with cotton bed sheet. If you feel you cannot fall asleep because it is too hot, you can take cold shower and go to bed leaving your body wet. In winter time it is better to cuddle into warm blanket, taking a warm bath before going to bed and drinking hot tea.

  • Avoid any disturbances

    Try to keep away from TV watching or computer before going to sleep. You body and mind needs rest while visual stimulation can become a powerful stimulant to your nervous system. In order to attune yourself to sound sleep you can read a book or magazine but make sure the light is not too bright as it may disturb your state.

  • Don't drink caffeine containing drinks

    Drinks containing caffeine is not a good choice before sleep. Coffee, cola, or energetic drinks may also make you feel agitated. Instead of drinks you can take a warm bath with aroma oils. They will sooth the tension and create an air of tranquility.

  • Fresh air is necessary for better sleep

    In order to feel good during sleeping hours you need to have suitable environment. If you could notice having a rest on the open air often make you fall asleep faster. So if you want to have a good sleep it is better to sleep with an open window.

  • Have sex before sleep

    It is known that sex is the best natural sleeping pill due to the fact that during orgasm your body secrets endorphins – hormones that are well known pain killers having also a soothing effect. Right after sex you feel elated and then fall asleep in the arms of your beloved one.

  • Do not eat before sleep

    It is important to eat no more than two hours before sleep. If you have a heavy meal right before sleep, your body starts working to process food and it deprives you digestive system from the rest. If you feel hungry, you can eat something light like fruits or yogurt.

  • Follow the bedtime routine

    Try going to sleep at the same time –this will help your body get used to the routine and automatically attune you to sleep. But it is also necessary to go to bed when you feel sleepy – don't force yourself for sleep as it can make situation even worse.