Topic: Health and Beauty

Fashion That is Bad for Your Health

Sep 16, 2007
Men and women try to look their best following the latest fashion trends, however, things that make you look attractive may cause serious problems to your health.

Clothes too tight

Tight skirts and jeans can look stylish, but you may not even realize the harm you do to your body. It may seem obvious, still many of us do not understand that tight clothes are extremely restricting to normal functioning of our internal organs. Sexy but tight push-up bras affect your spine, resulting in poor posture, restricting blood flow, irritating your skin, and may even become a potential risk for breast cancer. Tight jeans may also affect blood flow in your lower body, often resulting in nerves dysfunctions.

Health recommendations

Try to reduce wear of tight clothes to minimum or choose stretchy clothes. It is important to feel comfortable in your clothes so that you can freely move and do your daily routine without restraint. Additional stress that you put on yourself wearing tight clothes may be too much for your health.

Not enough clothes

Many people, especially teenagers tend to wear less than it is necessary to provide enough warmth to their body. Unfortunately not all of us think about the impact of wearing a short skirt or exposing your belly in a cold weather on our health.

The most common dangers of wearing clothes that do not correspond to the weather temperature are pyelonephritis, cystitis, back pain, radicular pain and gynecological problems, the latter can soon lead to infertility.

Health recommendations

The simplest recommendation is to wear clothes according to weather changes. If you cannot live without your favorite skirt then try dressing up in layers to adjust to any temperature swings. Thus you can put on clothes one layer at another and always take off being in the office or other place.

High heeled shoes

You will hardly find a woman who does not have a pair of high heeled shoes. They add to your height and appeal to your looks, but unfortunately, they cause a lot of discomfort to our feet. High heels can result not only in misbalanced posture, feet deformity and back pain, it can also reduce blood flow in your head and internal organs, become a trigger for varicose veinsdevelopment. Besides, wearing high heels for an extended period of time alters the normal equilibrium of the body.

Health recommendations

Choose shoes that feel comfortable to you. Always take a pair of flat shoes if you should wear high heeled shoes at work or any other occasion. Try walking in flat shoes, changing for high heels when it is necessary. It is advisable to wear shoes with a height not exceeding 5 cm. When you are sitting in the office or other place have a break for your feet, moving them in circles to improve blood circulation.

Heavy bags

Many women and men prefer to have things handy, wearing heavy bags and purses with the overall weight exceeding more than 10 percent of their own body weight. The habit of wearing a heavy bag on one side is potential risk to the spine causing imbalance to your other organs. In order to hold a heavy bag you may unconsciously lean on one side that will give you a poor posture - one step closer to bad functioning of your internal organs.

Health recommendations

Avoid taking too many things along with you. When wearing a bag switch the sides from time to time to keep the balance of your posture. It is also recommended to choose bags and purses with a wide adjustable strap.