Parasites Living on Human's Heart

Sep 02, 2007
To your attention we offer you a video of a heart surgery, filmed in one of the Russian clinics.

The story began when the patient (who is now the "victim" of surgeons) began feeling pain in some regions near his heart.

He also had an edema on his lower limbs, headaches and hard breathing.
Through ultrasound doctors were able to detect a growing tumor on heart. Thus the decision to make a surgery on heart was made.

As you can see, the tumor located on the patient's heart turned out to be a settlement of tapeworms, the appearance of which, however, did not surprise the doctors. This is because, unfortunately, such thing is met quite often today.

A similar health problem was spotted by the Chinese doctors, who performed a surgery on a patient's belly. It turned out that the belly is becoming bigger not because of fat, but due to a huge vesicle, which was the "home" of nematodes.

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