Doctors Will be Able to Predict Patient's Future

Sep 03, 2007
Family doctors will soon give their patients a chance to know how long they are going to live entering their personal data, physical characteristics and habits into computer program.

Dr. Chris Martin, working as a general practitioner in UK and conducting his own research, has developed a computer program that will be able to give a picture of patient's health and life length together with all the risk factors that will influence it.

The patient will need to provide information on his age, his medical history, habits, blood pressure and cholesterol level. After processing the information, patient can have a look at his personal graph that illustrates all the risk factors and potential length of life. It also shows how patient can prolong his life by changing certain habits, like giving up smoking, that will lower risks of heart diseases, lung cancer and others.

The program warns on the development of certain diseases and shows how to benefit from making certain changes in one's lifestyle. The picture demonstrates risk percentages and graphs to give his patients a clear vision of their life perspectives.

Dr. Martin collected medical data between 1972 to 1974 entering the data of people of different ages who were then examined to provide the necessary information. The authors of the study examined the participants for more than 20 years to make up an extensive study.

After the results of the original study and Dr. Martin's program were compared, the percent of true predictions was just the same as the real figures. The computer program proved to be effective and can be used by other family doctors to give health recommendations. Dr. Martin says that this method gives a considerable success because when a patient look at the graph he is more willing to change his life for better.

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