Sleep Problems of Pregnant Women Are Due to Passive Smoking Exposure

Sep 04, 2007

Problems, that pregnant women might go through, including insufficient sleep, difficulty in sleep initiation, very short duration of sleep, as well as loud snoring and hard breathing are the main results of passive exposure to smoking.

Such results were brought by a study, the author of which is Takashi Ohida, MD, of Nihon University in Tokyo, Japan. He analyzed the feedbacks of 16,396 and 19,386 pregnant Japanese women to two cross-sectional questionnaire surveys, that were performed in 2002 and 2006.

The study also illustrated that pregnant women who smoke are exposed to the same problems regarding sleep as those only exposed to smoking.

Dr. Ohida said that 80 percent of women were exposed to smoking because of their spouse. About 53 percent of Japanese men smoke. This percentage is twice higher than that among men living in the United States (26 percent).

It is worth mentioning that a woman's body suffers great physical, hormonal and emotional changes during and after pregnancy. If she is exposed to smoking all of the upper mentioned changes can affect a woman's sleep.

The majority of pregnant women suffer from daytime fatigue, despite the fact that they may get more sleep. This can be explained by the quality of their sleep, which tends to worsening. At this stage the most common are physical discomfort and awakenings. The third trimester of pregnancy is the one when women have the hardest sleep.

Women during pregnancy may suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The warning signs might get more and more evident; this includes: gasping, choking sounds and pauses in breathing.

Pregnant women who have sleeping disorders should discuss their issue with their primary care physician.

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