Brain Activation Deficiency Causes Pedophilia

Sep 24, 2007

Scientists got close to understanding pedophilia, suggesting that it is related to deficit in certain brain area.

Despite all the efforts to treat pedophilia, a sexual attraction of adults towards children, the brain mechanisms that cause this disorder still remained a mystery. A new study published in the September issue of Biological Psychiatry demonstrated how pedophilic patients responded to functional brain imaging.

During the test, the screening showed that brain area hypothalamus responsible for regulating of sexual arousal and hormone release was reduced in pedophilic patients. The activation of this brain region in individuals who are not pedophilic would normally be heightened when they look at sexually arousing pictures of adults.

It means that pedophilic patients have little response in pleasure areas of the brain when they view sexually arousing pictures of adults, thus it may predispose them to change their sexual interest.

John H. Krystal, M.D., Editor of Biological Psychiatry says that understanding the neurobiological peculiarities of this disorder should be taken into account to find a treatment.

Although, Dr. Krystal says that it is still unknown whether deficit in brain activation is the cause or the consequence of pedophilia and further research is necessary.
The findings could greatly contribute to the development of effective therapy of pedophilia that remains a complex public issue as well.

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Oct 29, 2015 12:39 PM » posted by: Neelagandan
I really don't<a href="http://mmpdhiiyxy.com"> uaenrstdnd</a> how anyone can object to castrating pedophiles. Besides protecting children, it relieves pedophiles of these extremely deviant urges that they can't fulfill without committing a serious crime against a child, so it seems extremely unethical not to castrate pedophiles. Chemical castration greatly reduces recidivism where it's used.One in four girls is sexually abused, so we've got to do a lot more than we've been doing.

Oct 27, 2015 09:57 PM » posted by: Prince
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Oct 26, 2015 11:58 AM » posted by: Faizan
Have to say I completely agree with you. You are clelary an individual of sound mind and common sense. If only there were more of you out there! I myself just found out someone close to me was molested from the age of 5y to 10y. She is now 19. I am very angry and have a desire for justice to be dealt on the perpetrator of such a heinous act. Thank you for writing this article and being a kindred spirit to me in my time of distress and looking for answers

Oct 17, 2007 05:02 PM » posted by: Martin Malloy
The book, "Evolution in a Nutshell", Amazon.com, presents an interesting cause for pedophilia.

Sep 26, 2007 12:20 AM » posted by: Jernigan
Duh. My pedophelic brother was oxygen starved at his premature birth. I always thought there was a relation between his brain damage and sociopathic behavior....

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