Birth Control Pills For Men to Become New Generation Option

Oct 01, 2007

It is still quite disputable if men would take birth control pills to share responsibility with women while latest researches suggest several options for men.

The second conference called "Future of male Contraception" in Seattle that was supported by National Institutes Of Health and WHO presented the newest developments in the field of male contraception. Kirsten Thompson, director of the International Male Contraception Coalition said that many men have already taken the responsibility for a third of contraception and would be eager to have a non-permanent possibilities discussed at the conference.

Non-hormonal pills

With more than a half of men claiming that would opt for non-hormonal contraception, the results of the following research could become a huge step forward.

The study from the University of Pittsburgh and BIOQUAL Inc., showed that male non-hormonal pills could be soon a reality. They conducted a research where monkeys were given a hormone-free compound called CDB-4022 that affected sperm moving ability. It was said that monkey's fertility was restored in 16 weeks. The study needs further safety research.

Sperm blocker

The development of Intra Vas Device as an alternative to permanent birth control method vasectomy is claimed to be very effective too. The Intra Vas Device is a set of plugs that stop sperm in the vas deferens- a tube transferring sperm into the urethra. A man can remove the device if he no longer wants it. The studies on animals show that this method is reversible and fertility returns after short-term use. Further studies are necessary to prove its long-term effectiveness and fertility return.

Testosterone-like pills

Another contraceptive called SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator) was initially developed for osteoporosis and muscle-wasting treatment was found to have some benefits acting like a male contraception as well. It can be taken as a pill.

Another drug that shows promises is Dimethandrolone Undecanoate (DMAU) and was found to reduce sperm count. The tests on rabbits showed that low dose of DMAU drug decrease the number of sperm and their fertility returned after they have stopped taking the pills.

Home sperm test

Besides the contraceptive innovations, developers offer "Sperm Check" home test that would help men with determining their sperm count. Usually, this procedure is done in the laboratory and is quite costly. This could benefit men who chose vasectomy as method of contraception to find when the method started working without going to the doctor.

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