Spouses Mimic Each Other's Habits

Oct 04, 2007
If you really want your partner to quit bad habit, the most sure way to do it is to exercise healthy way of life yourself.

According to a study conducted by Health Services Research, one of the spouses showing good health habits like exercising, eating healthy food, stop drinking alcohol or smoking as well as undergoing routine health procedures will unconsciously help the other spouse mirror the same habits.

This refers to spouses irrespective of their gender and behavior, said Jody Sindelar, co-author health economist and public health professor in the Yale School of Public Health.

As much as 6,072 men and women took part in the study that demonstrated considerable improvement in health habits if one of partners did. The changes were more evidently seen for such habits as smoking and drinking alcohol and getting vaccinated. If one of the partner smoked and the other one didn't, it was more than five times likely that the smoker would sooner or later stop smoking. The same results were for alcohol drinking.

The findings suggest that family plays a major role in improvement of health habits and specialists dealing with intervention programs should engage family members if they want more effective treatment.

The study was funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the National Institute on Aging.

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