Herbs Better than Drugs to Relieve Periods Pain

Oct 17, 2007
A research conducted in several countries showed that Chinese herbs are more effective in relieving menstrual pain than drugs and other methods like acupuncture and compressions.

As much as 3,500 women took part in a study, where Australian scientists from the University of Western Sydney the benefits of herbal treatment in comparison to common drugs, placebo (faith healing), oral contraceptive pills, acupuncture and heat compression.

The findings showed that Chinese herbal medicine is not only working good for periods pain relief but its effect actually is felt over three months after treatment, Xiaoshu Zhu, the leading researcher from the Centre for Complementary Medicine Research at the University of Western Sydney said.

More than a half of women of reproductive age and up to 85 percent of adolescent girls experience menstrual cramps. Scientists still argue on the cause of this condition but most think that it is related to hormonal imbalance.
More and more women seek for natural treatment and Chinese medicine proved to be quite effective for hundreds of years.

Participants from China, Taiwan, Japan and the Netherlands were given herbal treatment that were aimed to regulate their blood, supported the functioning of their kidneys and liver and had a warming effect. Some of the common herbs given were Chinese angelica root (danggui), fennel fruit (huixiang), nut-grass rhizome (xiangfu), liquorice root (gancao), cinnamon bark (rougui), Szechuan lovage root (chuanxiong), red peony root (chishao) and others.

In one of the trials 53 percent of women said they felt the relief in comparison with those who were given placebo treatment.

However, more study is needed as in some experiments there was relatively small number of volunteers to support the research.

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