Specialists Warn on Freezing Eggs Procedure Being Risky

Oct 23, 2007
Fertility specialists warn not use the freezing egg procedure just yet, since it still remains experimental and it may not help you offset the biological clock, continuously counting the time.

The proponents of the procedure believe that it is coming of age little by little. However, probably with 500 births occurring around the world thanks to frozen-and-thawed eggs, weighted against more than 200,000 births that occurred from frozen embryos, the procedure is believed to remain a promising technology.

Today scientists try to experiment with various techniques in order to improve the belief that when a woman's eggs are removed and then frozen will have healthy children some time later in life.

But until that happens, scientists from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine launched a list of warnings, which, as expected, should have women get a better acknowledgement with the expensive procedure, so they would make a choice according tp the information gathered.

"There are far fewer published outcomes for ... thawed previously frozen eggs than many might believe," warns the leader of the ASRMís deliberations, Dr. Marc Fritz of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Sperm regularly are frozen. The same is for extra embryos of couples who decide to go through the infertility treatment in order to attempt pregnancy years later.

Ice crystals are able to destroy eggs. The problem is that eggs include lots of water. This is why they can be easily affected by the process of freezing and thawing. Both ways ice crystals can form, thus providing a negative impact which may lead to eggs destruction.

However, today patients suffering from various deadly illnesses might still want to attempt the process of egg freezing. This is because they have no other option. One way or another the reproductive society still warns that egg freezing is too "young" to become a mainstream for healthy women.

Before deciding on he process women should take into consideration the following:
  • The process involves side effects that may occur from the ovary-stimulating drugs. These drugs are used for retrieving eggs.

  • There is no guarantee that the frozen eggs will survive.

  • Women, who decide to freeze their eggs before they turn 35, will probably never have to use them.
Now the most important question is what's the most effective way to freeze and thaw eggs in order to improve pregnancy attempts. It is worth mentioning that some eggs are frozen slowly within an hour or even more, others are instantly frozen by being dunk in liquid nitrogen, this process is called vitrification.

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