Apple Diet is on the Rise

Oct 25, 2007
Most likely the next fad will be an apple diet. Scientists found one more amazing benefit of an apple - weight control.

A new research conducted at Pennsylvania State University showed that an apple a day can reduce number of calories by 190 and as a result you will eat less.

During a study, 59 men and women with average weight were eating at the laboratory for a five weeks period. Throughout the experiment, participants were eating either nothing or different apple products: one and a half of peeled and sliced apples, which is about 125 calories or an apple sauce (with the same amount of calories as raw apples), an apple juice with and without fiber before the meal. In about 15 minutes, the volunteers were given a breakfast or lunch, like cheese tortellini with tomato sauce.

As a result, those who ate an apple before the meal consumed 187 fewer calories in comparison to those who were given other products or nothing.

Julie Flood, one of the researchers said that this may become a good way to make your meal lower in calories as eating something like an apple before the meal gives you the feeling of fuller stomach.

Barbara Rolls, a professor of nutritional sciences at Pennsylvania State University, also said that strategy to eat low calories food before the meal like fruits, soup or vegetable salad may prove to be very effective to stop you from overeating.

The difference in calories that are consumed after eating the raw apple and other apple products is explained by the fact that not only calories are important but the effort of eating to make us feel fuller.

The study was presented at a meeting of the Obesity Society, an organization of weight-control scientists and professionals.
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