Mind Sends Direct Messages to Immune System

Oct 26, 2007
Scientist found a route that connects mind with immune system that can help in treatment of various infections and autoimmune conditions.

Dr. Kevin Tracey from The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research discovered that body's inflammatory response to infection and diseases can be controlled by disrupting the dangerous message sent from the brain directly to immune system.

During clinical trials, he realized that by stimulating the vagus nerve, that runs from the brain to the heart and on through the abdomen, it can be possible to stop the inflammatory response to diseases.

Scientists say that this discovery can lead to a completely new treatment of a number of diseases by regulating the immune system, switching on natural defense during the disease storm.

About two decades ago, Dr. Tracey was trying to find the answer to a question why body produces its own cells that cause damage. He understood that immune system receives messages from vagus nerve through a neurochemical called acetylcholine and through stimulation of this nerve you can stop the inflammatory response.

Now, the researcher is working on his findings to reveal if tweaking the brain's acetylcholine system can regulate the inflammatory process.

Dr. Tracy has written a book on his work dedicated to a study of immune system called 'Fatal Sequence' and presented his work to Dalai Lama who was impressed by his findings.
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