Daydreaming is Good for Your Health

Nov 07, 2007
Having your head in the clouds is actually leading to a healthier life, the recent study shows.

Research conducted by Dartmouth College showed that during daydreaming our brain is doing a very important job. During a study researchers tried to find out what exactly is happening when we are daydreaming, using brain imaging and participant's feedback technique.

Dr. Avrum Geurin Weiss, a specialist in psychology with Pine River Psychotherapy Associates in Atlanta, said that while our brain is not really active during daydreaming, it processes very important tasks for us. He often uses daydreaming with his patients.

Scientists say that when your mind wanders, imagining a bright future, we actually become happier and that helps us relieve stress. As it is known, too much stress can be extremely detrimental to our health, leading to serious illnesses. Thus daydreaming may aid us on a physical level too.

Visualization of the future is making you good in many aspects of your life, specialists say. They claim that daydreaming can also lead to better problem solving and those who tend to fantasize are known to be good at brainstorming.

Although, scientists urge not to overindulge in daydreaming as you may totally lose a connection with present. There should be a right place and time for daydreaming to get the benefits. When you get nervous or feel stressed it is a high time to start daydreaming, experts recommend.

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