Generosity is in the Genes

Dec 10, 2007

People are genetically predisposed to be generous, scientists said.

The study conducted at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, involved 203 people who had to complete an online task where they had to choose whether to keep or give away money.

The experiments showed that people who had gene variation of AVPR1a were 50 percent more inclined to be more generous.

The gene AVPR1a plays a significant role that make hormone arginine vasopressin, that is related to social bonding, interact with brain cells.

People who were more altruistic in their choice were found to have a longer variation of the gene AVPR1a. The longer the key section of the gene is, the more active gene is considered.

Dr George Fieldman, the expert in psychology at Buckinghamshire New University said that altruism becomes more important today having an evolutionary sense.
The study was published in online in the journal Genes, Brain and Behavior.

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