Contraceptive Pill to Become Available without Doctor's Prescription

Dec 14, 2007
A new Pilot Scheme was introduced in the UK that will make it possible for women to get the contraceptive pill without doctor's prescription. Until now, the only contraceptive pill that was available without prescription was emergency morning-after-pill. The latest news are that contraceptive pill usually prescribed by doctor will be sold over-the counter and a woman can get it from the pharmacist.

The Family Planning Association supported the initiative to widen women's access to contraceptive pill and waits for the results of the pilot scheme. There are many issues that has to be thoroughly studied such as safe prescription, pharmacist's training and women experience. It is also essential to consult women about all the methods of contraception to help them make a right choice.

During the latest years, UK had there highest rate of unwanted and teenage pregnancies in Western Europe in comparison to other countries, such as the Netherlands, Germany and France.

The Pill is a widely used contraceptive that is known to be one of the most effective to prevent unwanted pregnancies with hundreds of million women using it worldwide.

Experts say that access to oral contraceptive will improve the convenience and choice of contraceptive pill. Pharmacists are trained to provide information and recommendations to women to help them use contraceptive pill appropriately.
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