TV is Not Good for Babies' Brain

Dec 25, 2007

According to the latest research television has no positive impact on children's brain development.

A study published in German magazine for doctors shows that television and DVD designed for children do more harm than good to the development of child's brain. Babies, who watch television cannot process all the changing images and sounds they see and hear, Professor Manfred Spitzer of Ulm said.

Researchers say that harm is greater when television learning substitutes grown-up and siblings reading. In one experiment, babies aged 9 to 12 months old were listening to grown-up reading them in Chinese, while the other group watched the same stories on television. The results showed that children who were read Chinese, could recognize Chinese sounds in two months, while those who watched television stories did not managed to learn anything.

Another research showed that in families where children were read to quite often, the vocabulary of a child was richer and children knew 8 percent more words than average. Otherwise, children who watched baby TV or DVD showed 20 percent lower results.

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