Beer Contains Cancer-Fighting Ingredients

Jan 14, 2008
German scientists discovered that hops that is used in beer production had essential cancer-fighting agents.

The results of the study showed that xanthohumol, found in hops contains agents that inhibit enzymes which trigger cancer. Besides, xanthohumol helps in fighting carcinogens.

Dr. Werner Back, a brewing technology expert at the Technical University of Munich, explained that these findings indicate that beer can be actually healthy.

Xanthohumol found in hopes is long known as an antioxidant, reducing bad cholesterol level. Hops are, used in herbal medicine, contains phytoestrogens - agents, protecting against prostate, breast, bowel, and other cancers, cardiovascular disease, brain function disorders, post-menopausal symptoms and osteoporosis.

Xanthohumol deactivates enzymes called cytochromes P-4, that trigger the cancer process, thus preventing the development of tumors at an early stage.

However, the researchers explain that the amount of xanthohumol necessary to fight cancer equals to 60 regular beers and they are working to brew a healthy beer, containing high level of this helpful agent. It is also possible that xanthohumol will be added to other products to make it healthier.

On general, the higher is the amount of xanthohumol in beer, the darker it is and the healthier it is for you.

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