Food Illness Comes From "Healthy" Food in Restaurants

Aug 19, 2007
Most people think that the so-called healthy food in the restaurants is really healthy. In fact, according to a study on the data gathered from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, such food like lettuce, uncooked vegetables, seafood, and ethnic food can be the main cause of the foodborne illness, which is a food infection that is caused by pathogenic bacteria, viruses, prions or parasites. Usually this contamination occurs due to improper handling, preparation, or food storage.

Healthinspections.com made an analysis which showed that the main cause of food poisoning in the restaurants across the United States were lettuce-based salads, tomatoes, and vegetables. The second place was held by seafood and ethnic foods.

According to Healthinspections.com, in 2005 there were 49 outbreaks of food poisoning in the United States. These were caused by lettuce-based salads, tomatoes, and vegetables served in the restaurants. It is worth mentioning that food can be easily contaminated if handled with unwashed hands. As for the seafood and ethnic food served in the U.S. restaurants then, according to the data, in 2005 these caused 43 outbreaks of foodborne illness.

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