One Cannabis Joint Worths Five Cigarettes and Unhealthy Lungs

Aug 20, 2007
The research which was published in the journal Thorax states that one cannabis joint negatively affects the lungs just as much as five cigarettes do in one go. Scientists made were able to show their findings by selecting 339 adults aged up to 70. The participants were selected from an ongoing study related to respiratory health. All adults were divided into four different groups.

The four groups of people include those who smoked only cannabis joint (at least once a day for a period of five years), those who smoked only cigarettes (up to one pack a day for a period of at least one year), those who liked to smoke both and those who haven't smoked anything.

The participants at the study had to pass computed tomography of their lungs. They also passed special breathing tests that are meant to show how healthy are their lungs. Researchers questioned every participant about his or her smoking habits.

Among all participants 75 said they smoked only cannabis and 91 confessed they enjoyed smoking both tobacco and cannabis. 81 people didn't smoke anything and 92 people proved to be tobacco fans. The research showed that those who smoke both used less tobacco.

People who enjoyed cannabis suffered from wheeze, cough, chest tightness and phlegm. However, the progressive lung disease called emphysema was only spotted in patients who smoked tobacco, either together with cannabis or alone. At the same time scientists state that cannabis is still very hazardous for lungs, stopping them from working properly. Cannabis decreased the numbers of small fine airways, which play a crucial role in effective transportation of oxygen as well as waste products to and from the blood vessels. It also was the cause of damage of the large airways of the lungs, which made them work harder.

The amount of lungs' damage is directly linked to the number of joints one has smoked. The research showed that each cannabis joint was equal to smoking between three and five cigaretes in a go.

The authors of the research explain that the level of negative impact of cannabis is highly related to the way in which people smoke it. It is worth mentioning that most cannabis lovers smoke it without a filter, and at a higher temperature. Thus they inhale deeper and hold their breath for a longer period of time.

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