Do condoms reduce sensitivity?

Sep 28, 2011
Many men are reluctant to use condoms because they believe that they reduce sensitivity and sexual pleasure.

Modern technology allowed decreasing the thickness of the condom considerably, but if you still think that it affects your sexual pleasure, you can try thinner versions of the condom, such as Durex Avanti or Trojan Supra condoms that are extra thin and conduct body heat better
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Oct 29, 2015 12:37 PM » posted by: Sudhir
Yes, she can, but what would be the point? If she thinks she is <a href="http://hxpnbjh.com">prneangt</a>, she should wait to test first. However, it is very unlikely that the birth control pill will cause any harm. Thousands of women took birth control before they knew they were <a href="http://hxpnbjh.com">prneangt</a> and there are no demonstrable problems with the children that resulted.Poster Dexter really needs to get better educated. There is a significant difference between Plan B (morning after pill) and RU-486 (abortion pill'). The morning after pill is essentially a megadose of birth control pills, nothing like you would ordinarily take. RU-486 works entirely differently.

Oct 26, 2015 11:15 AM » posted by: Susana
Hah!That's not always trueI had uroeptncted sex maybe 6 times in 2 months. When I found out I was pregnant we thought I was around 4 weeks, but in reality I was 6 weeks! I got pregnant one of the first times I had ever had uroeptncted sex.Plus there have been women who've gotten pregnant WHILE using birth control!Condoms and birth control are pretty effective. No from of birth control is 100% but used properly, these work really well. To boost your chances, use BOTH at the same time. Then you dont have to worry about the condom ripping or if you accidentally missed a day.Pulling out is not, and has NEVER been a form of birth control. Men have precum which they secrete the entire time they excited. They cannot feel it, they cannot control it, and it DOES contain sperm. As sooooon as you put that uroeptncted penis in there, even if its for 5 seconds, your risks of pregnancy go up DRAMATICALLY. There is no such thing as pulling out in time'

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