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Dec 07, 2010
Many parents choose co-sleeping with their baby simply because it is an easier solution for a mom and a baby, allows both of them have a better sleep and creates that special connection between mother and her child.

Dec 06, 2010
New moms know that even when you go for a walk with your baby, you need a lot of baby essentials handy in case your baby needs to drink, eat or has his diaper changed. Women usually have a lovely diaper bag for this purpose, but what if your little one goes outside with a daddy.

Dec 03, 2010
If you are one of those women, who experience morning sickness, there is no reason to suffer in silence, even if the condition will last only several months. Although, in most cases morning sickness during the first trimester is not harmful, many women feel exhausted and miserable during this period.

Nov 30, 2010
There is a common belief that a woman loses her sex drive once she starts taking the birth control pill. It is estimated that the combination pill, that contains synthetic form of estrogen and progestin can reduce the level of testosterone, which is responsible for our sex drive.

Nov 29, 2010
If you want to give a timeless Christmas gift to your wife or friend, who is expecting, buy her a time capsule that will keep all those precious memories about the most important period of a woman's life.

Nov 25, 2010
If you one of those women, who wants to make sure that you did everything to protect your future child from the harmful effects of radiation, you may need specially designed maternity band.

Nov 24, 2010
Many women are embarrassed to ask their doctor about such intimate questions as vaginal odor. Is it normal to have vaginal odor and what causes bad odor? These questions often pop up in women's heads and can make them feel confused.

Nov 22, 2010
Do you believe that certain sex position can help you get pregnant? If so, then having sex in the missionary position and letting the woman elevate her lower torso might be an ideal solution for successful conception.

Nov 19, 2010
A healthy couple in their 20's has only 25 percent chances of conceiving each month.

Those couples, who tried to conceive through IVF, had only 8 percent of success rate.

Nov 16, 2010
When it comes to your baby's safety, baby monitors are one of the first handy health gadgets that can make your life as a new parent a little easier. Baby monitors allow you to watch at your baby at any time in any place of your house. This is especially important if you worry about baby's health and want to make sure your baby gets everything he or she needs in time.

Nov 15, 2010
Using personal lubricants when trying to conceive may actually lower your chances for successful conception, Swiss researchers say.
In fact, the study funded by Hygis company in Switzerland, found that only Pre-Seed lubricant, one out of four non-spermicidal lubricants tested, was safe to use if you want to get pregnant.

Nov 11, 2010
Can having sex in certain sex position improve your chances for conception? Many couples try to do their best to get pregnant and ensure that all the conditions are right.

Nov 10, 2010
Many pregnant women become nervous and worried about their baby's health, especially if it is their first or high-risk pregnancy. Who doesn't know this feeling when you are in a constant state of anxiety and want to know everything that is going on with your unborn baby?

Nov 09, 2010
Women, who use such common painkillers as paracetamol and ibuprofen during pregnancy may put their baby boys at risk of developing reproductive problems, a new study suggests.

Nov 04, 2010
One of the essential things when you want to get pregnant is to find out what are the most fertile days in your cycle. Normally, a woman ovulates once in a menstrual cycle and knowing these few days before and the day of ovulation can help you increase your chances of conception.

Nov 03, 2010
Good sleep is very important for everyone, but pregnant women need it more than anyone else. During the second and the third trimester, many women find it difficult to sleep soundly as the growing belly makes them feel uncomfortable, which leads to sleepless nights. You have to sleep on your side, but without the proper support, this can be difficult.

Nov 02, 2010
Women, who gave birth, are more likely to experience urinary incontinence, especially if a woman had longer labor. During the labor, the nerves and pelvic floor muscles can become weaker and overstretched, which leads to the urinary problems. Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce urinary incontinence and help your bladder work properly.

Oct 29, 2010
Many new mothers can hardly find time for themselves, because child care takes almost all of the time. And what about getting in pre-pregnancy form? Today many women follow a new trend, jogging with their baby in the stroller.

Oct 27, 2010
Many women wish they had a pre-pregnancy body after giving birth. The best ways to get back in shape for new moms is to exercise regularly and keep to a healthy diet. If you are breastfeeding you should avoid strenuous workouts, but there is one health tool that can be used by all postpartum women that is called a stability ball.

Oct 26, 2010
There is a lot of debate about the side effects of birth control pill. Millions of women use the Pill, but still many of us wish they had a better alternative to prevent unwanted pregnancy.