Infrared Heat Belt for Back Pain Relief

Aug 23, 2011
With the sedentary lifestyle lower back pain becomes one of the most common health problems.

York Biomedical, a US-based company, introduced its new heat therapy system that eases back pain using infrared technology.

Heat is widely used for pain relief in various devices that alleviate lower back problems, by increasing circulation and relaxing tissues and muscles. The new device called BACK-TEK uses far infrared rays that have longer wavelength and deliver heat deeper to the tissues than common heating pads. The Y-wave far infrared therapy system works under the skin, being more effective than simple heating devices.

The infrared heating belt with medically functional back support can be worn during your daily activities and works on a rechargeable battery.

The BACK-TEK can be used for muscle pain and spasms, strains and joint pain, muscle fatigue and other minor problems.

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