Innovative Bandages Made of Starch Fibers are Sweet and Painless

May 02, 2012
Scientists at Pennsylvania State University developed a new way to turn starch into fine strands that can be combined to create bandages, tissues, napkins and other medical products.

Starch that can be found in such foods as corn and potatoes is among the most abundant and inexpensive natural materials that is not only easy on the environment, but also can lead to the development of medical bandages that do not require any removal.

Scientists used electrospinning device to create innovative starch fibers from starch solution that have potential industrial applications.

While currently available bandages are quite painful, when you have to remove them, starch bandages will dissolve into glucose that is easily absorbed by the body.


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There is a type of dressing trneamtet most people don't know about called a et to dry dressing, that is commonly used in deep or infected wounds or surgical incisions. It is used to wick out pus and debris, and keep tissue moist in a wound bed. Say for instance a ruptured appendix, surgeons don't sew a incision shut due to increased risk of bacteria that grows in a airless wound (like gas gangrene). Instead a wound will heal from the inside out.Gauze is lightly saturated with saline ( salt water) and packed down into the wound, getting drier on top and a dry dressing is placed over it. This is changed two or three times a day until it heals.This is a fairly easy thing to learn and I would advise Preppers to learn about this for when a doctor is not available. You could learn it from a nursing text book.However I would only do it if I didn't have any medical advice available and needed to treat a deep wound after the person is medically stable.But you will need a good supply of gauze that doesn't shed lots of lint. And a dressing known as a ABD dressing to go over the top and tape to secure it.

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